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Ajay is the younger and talented of the two, and he is also the only child of his parents. Vinay is married to a woman named Shabina who is from a rich family. Ajay and Vinay go on the run after they are framed for the murder of a big crime lord. Ajay comes across the aunt of the deceased and is led to believe that the actual murderer is a girl named Preeti. Eventually Ajay meets Preeti, who is wanted by the police, and they soon fall in love. Meanwhile, Vinay comes across a murder scene, where Ajay and Preeti are involved in a car crash. The girl who dies in the car crash is Shabina's daughter and Vinay's wife. He goes to see Shabina to get revenge, and encounters Ajay and Preeti. When Ajay and Preeti realize that Shabina and Vinay are after them, they flee the house and come to the home of Ajay's parents. During a fight between Ajay and Vinay, Preeti is killed. Ajay gets arrested by the police and is thrown in jail for a crime he didn't commit. There, he meets three officers who are his friends. Eventually he is released from prison, and finds out that the real murderer of the big crime lord is his friend Vinay. Contents Plot Cast Sunny Deol as Ajay Chaddha Irrfan Khan as Vinay Naik Madhurika as Preeti Brijendra Kala as Daku Joyraj Bhattacharya as Superintendent of Police Vinay Pathak as Bhaadkar Reshma Dadha as Preeti's mother Kadambari Jain as Inspector Jeevan Anirudh Agarwal as Police Commissioner Nirmal Pandey as Police Inspector Satish Kaushik as Chaddha family's servant Music The soundtrack of this film was released in 2010. Marketing The first look of this film was released on 24 November 2010 on Times of India. Release The film was released in 29 August 2010. Reception Vinay Pathak's performances, generally considered one of the highlights of the film, received praise from the critics and audience alike. This film scored generally high reviews from critics and

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